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Last update: may 3rd,  2003

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This is the room of the lady of the house. She is very attached to all the things here, this is really her domain. I designed the room around the fireplace. This was made by Marilyn Ford. A lot of the things in my house are swaps or gifts from friends from around the world.

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The chaise longue, made from scratch to a pattern from the Dutch Dolls House Magazine.I've made the table especially to go with it.
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The fireplace, made by Marilyn Ford. The painting is made by Adri Verrijp. The bird is from Royal Tunbridge Miniatures.
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The shelves on the left. The doll is mady by Shani Nelson en Jan Hughes.
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The shelves on the right. The Anne Geddes dolls are made by ...... The Matruschka is from the Mini Laars. The little Japanese scene is from Marilyn Ford.
plaatjesrechts.jpg (37869 bytes)
The paintings on the right wall.
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An orchid, and white narcissus.
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The things on the dresser on the left.
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