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Welcome in Winnie's Dollshouse

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No story about me here, but about my hobby, or you might call it an addiction.
For an overall view, click on the small picture.

The house has been bought from de Stolp, in Oosthuizen. They had put it together, but everything else I had to do.
It is nice and big, with lots of room. I liked the Dutch design.

I can't resist making up a story around the house, and the family living in it.
the owners are a professor of archeology, and his family. He dabbles a bit in chemistry, in his own laboratory, when he isn't away on digs.

You can go look in the rooms via the links on the left.

Under Things I've made you can find a collection of my own work, most of which is made as gifts or swaps. They are sorted in different categories, to make it easier to view

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