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Receiving Hall
Last update: may 3rd,  2003

ontvangsthal.jpg (45875 bytes) ontvangsthal2.jpg (43039 bytes)
This is were visitors enter the house.
On the right is a thunderglass made by Leo Reijnders. A thunder glass (I translated this directly from Dutch, I am not quite sure it is the right name for it in English) is used as a barometer.
On the left is another painting by Adri. The suit of armour was a souvenir from a visit to the Tower in London, I removed the footplate.
There are some wonderful walking sticks, and don't forget the snow shoes! I think they are expecting snow.
wandelstokken.jpg (43151 bytes)
A whole collection of walking sticks.
donderglas.jpg (29576 bytes)
The thunderglass on the right.
pedlardoll.jpg (31395 bytes)
I adore the pedlar woman, made by Sherri Macraild and Jan Hugehs. It was part of a swap.