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Last update: december 31, 2006

These are tables made in internet workshops with Jane Harrop  

Miniaturists table

Dressing Table

Artist's table

The first book on the chest is a fairytale about a Siamese cat. The gentleman who was reading it, has gone to get a cup of coffee. His quiet corner is taken over by mother cat and her kittens.



A small shop. It is about 20 cm. high


Shelves left

Shelves in the middle

Shelves on the right
card_bluetit.jpg (36160 bytes) card.jpg (41171 bytes) closeup.jpg (49957 bytes)  
This is a christmas card I used to make a little scene in
poohlijstje1.jpg (350707 bytes) llijstjeleo.jpg (303229 bytes)

The same frame, made up differently



and inside


Ikea frame box