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Last update: may 3rd,  2003

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This is the professor's room. He has been digging in many countries. And brought back a lot of souvenirs. You can see things from Africa, Egypt, South America, North America, Mesopotamia, Turkey, China, India, and of course the Netherlands.


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The cupboard in the back, with the collection of buddha's.
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The left wall. Among the things on the wall are an inca mask, Toetanchamon's mask (a copy), and don't forget the bull horns above the door, a special gift from auntie Lisa..
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The professor's desk.
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The shelves above the desk, with the medieval pottery dug up in teh Netherlands bottom left.
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A statue from Egypt, and one from Mesopotamia. My husband brought these back from Hongkong, he bought them there in a shop from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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More Egyptian treasures.
the statues are from Neil Carter, the bottle and scarab are made by a Dutch lady.
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The professor still has to determine to which kind of animal this skull belonged.
(donated by my youngest son, he found these bones in an owl's ball)